Constellation-led-lighting, constellation lighting is the leading led lighting specialist in europe. we’ve been providing clients in the industrial, commercial, private and military sectors with cost-effective, quality led lighting solutions for years.. With over 20 years of landscape & hardscape lighting experience we learned our industry needed a simple line of products. our unique adjustable and replaceable features on our products cover most landscape and hardscape lighting applications., the constellation lighting saturn bbx 24 is a small, versatile exterior led warehouse lighting luminaire. this industrial lighting luminaire is capable of lighting up buildings, car parks, walkways and is perfect for improving cctv coverage. an industrial lighting luminaire with the ability to replace light fittings of up to 250w..

At constellation lighting, we are approved suppliers of cree lighting. cree are a global leader who provide innovative lighting, and design and manufacture commercial solutions for customers. we stock their range of efficient, cost-effective and stylish lighting. you can choose from warm, natural light or opt for a more contemporary white light., as global awareness of led technology increases, and the demand for low-energy lighting grows, so constellation lighting have committed to a long-term program of research and development… providing an ever improving service to existing and future customers alike..

Supplementing the signature series' multicolor aqua ambiance™ led spa light and moodmaker™ multipoint led lighting, constellation multipoint accent lighting builds additional multicolor leds into the interior and exterior of the spa, along with variable color modes and transitions., venus cylinder ip69 description. if you are looking to equip your parking garage, warehouse, chicken shed, livestock shelter, slaughter house, car wash or food processing industry with energy saving and cost efficient led solutions, ip69k luminaire venus cylinder is the recommended solution.. Constellation lighting is leading-edge technology that offers flexibility in lighting systems. that include a wide range of power, available module combinations, and interchangeable multi-optic lenses to suit all applications.