Klus-led-lighting, kluŚ offers lighting with sea turtle & wildlife friendly leds approved for coastal use by the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission.. In addition to residential applications klus led lighting systems are extensively used in retail, office, and industrial business applications. they are used in display cases, on advertisements, signage, for safety, pathways, garages, or to create a desired ambiance, and much more., kluŚ sylwester kluś Świerkowa 6 05-502 piaseczno - kamionka, polska nip 123-000-58-69. The angular extrusion made from high quality aluminum is designed for flexible or rigid led strips that are 8 - 10mm wide. a variety of housing covers are available for the extrusion. the cover-k is available in a frosted or transparent lens type. there is also the cover-s focusing lens which allows for a 10 degree light pattern output., klus aluminum led extrusions are the basic building blocks used to build led lighting fixtures. led extrusions perform an aesthetic and protective function for the led strip housed inside. they are made of high [...].

High quality led tape light is offered by the meter from klus. multiple light outputs and color temperatures with cri's of 90+ are available. white, rgb, rgb/w, indoor and wet location are available ala carte or custom lengths ready to install. all of these can be installed in over 90 extrusions offered by the company., 14.4w/m – 12v – high cri 90+ power consumption 14.4 watt / meter 4.5 watt / ft. led quantity 120 leds / (1 meter) 38 leds / ft. color temperature.

See the possibilities of klus led profiles for modern and discreet bathroom lighting designs. learn more: