Klus-led-stair-lighting, klus led stair lighting solutions klus offers a wide range of led stair lighting solutions for your staircase lighting wants and needs. our innovative step profile, for example, offers top and bottom led stair illumination. turn on the top led to light the upper edge of each step or the bottom one to impart a soft glow on each step.. Staircases often perform representative functions. that is why stairs and handrails are more and more often backlit with leds. a dedicated extrusion for tubular stainless steel handrails is por.its great advantage is the ease of assembly and disassembly thanks to the "klik"-system., klus has a range of stair and handrail led lighting extrusions that allow for soft and effective illumination. the handrail lighting is most often installed under the rail, and interior designers can choose a color, temperature and wavelength that is suitable to the project. lighting can also be installed on the ceiling to create a line of light..

Customizable, quality-tested specification grade commercial led lighting that allows stunning architectural projects to shine. client support that offers complete peace of mind., led stair lights not only reduce the chances of accidents but can even add value to the home. furthermore, led lights do not use very much energy and so do not cause a dramatic increase in the electricity bill, even if they are left on all night..

See the possibilities of klus led profiles for modern and discreet bathroom lighting designs. learn more:, see the possibilities of klus led profiles for modern and discreet wall sconce and ceiling light designs. learn more: Stair lighting interior lighting home lighting lighting design indirect lighting modern lighting outdoor lighting bathroom lighting blitz design led light could be used to handrail underlighting, or mount it along the top of the stringers. micro - alu profile for universal use - kluś design