Payback-period-led-lighting,   they operate the lamps 12 hours a day, 365 days a year, at the average electricity rate of $0.14 kwh.   we’re using an led retrofitfor the reasons we outlined in previous post.   just by reducing electricity consumption, the property owner will have a payback period of less than 3 years*.. Calculate your return on investment from an led retrofit project or the implementation of new led lights in your building or outdoor space., compared to any alternative lighting technology, cree ® led lighting delivers significant savings in any application. no need to take our word for it – you do the math. use the cree payback calculator to quickly scope out just what you can save based on wattage, hours of operation, number of fixtures and other parameters..

The payback period is the amount of time it will take you to recoup your original investment in the project. the roi is a ratio of the total savings from the project to the total project cost and it will demonstrate how profitable the project is., you‘ve heard and probably even believe you can save money by switching over to led? but how much? how long is the payback period? this quick tip will walk you through the calculatio.what do you currently have for lighting?undetanding what your current lights are is key? 400w? 1000w? ballasts? keep in mind most hid lighting has a ballast, and a ballast will coume 15% more than what the bulb ....

Payback period analysis for a commercial lighting retrofit this wiki will describe a step-by-step procedure that can be carried out by any company planning to upgrade the lighting technology of a commercial building. as an example, we will analyze an upgrade from fluorescent t8 lighting to led lighting.